Local NewsEnvironmental Court to address kennels in abandoned houses

County Attorney Tom Seeley asked for help from the Health Education and Welfare Committee to deal with individuals who are using abandoned houses as kennels and breeding sites.

“We need the power for injunctive release that would allow the Environmental Court to remove the animals,” Seeley told members during their Feb. 11 meeting.

The county commission passed a resolution regulating animal nuisance in February 2010 that states: It shall be unlawful to keep or harbor any dog which barks, howls or whines in an excessive, continuous or untimely fashion; creates a nuisance; or adversely affects the health or disturbs the repose of any neighbor, or disturbs the peace and quiet of a neighborhood. Owners of such animals will receive one warning from the sheriff’s deputies or animal control officers who respond to repeated complaints. A kennel is not excluded from this prohibition. More...

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