LifestylesQuilters gather to share stories

Nestled into a corner at the Jonesborough Senior Center, a handful of women surround a large piece of fabric stretched taut over a wooden frame, thimbled fingers patiently stitching a quilt as they quietly share the stories of their lives.

Quilting is not so much a passion to these ladies as much as a bow to the old superstition that idle hands are the devilís workshop. Shirley Chase, 77, who glimpses down at the quilt to examine her stiches as she speaks, was a shining example of the proverb and had the calluses to prove it.

Always uncomfortable with her hands idle in her lap, she started quilting when she was 7 after persuading her mother that she was old enough to undertake such an intricate task, and it was a special time for the duo.  More...

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